This event is individual tournament but designed to be a fun. In other words, more than one veteran will be assigned to fish on the same boat but will be fishing to win individual awards. Typically, the closest angler to the "fish on" rod reels it in. Beyond that, the honor system is in place!


Lines in at 8:00 am


Striped bass
Bluefin tuna

State and federal rules are included.


First, second, and third place trophies and prizes will be awarded to the three (3) largest fish in each fish category listed above. All prizes are based on the WEIGHT of the fish, and not the length. In other words, a 25 inch, 4.5 lb striped bass will beat a 26 inch, 4.0 lb striped bass. A 27 inch, 16 lb cod beats a 28 inch, 15 lb cod, etc. In the event of a tie for a prize in any of the fishing categories, the angler that weighed in their fish first will be the winner.

Each angler can only weigh in their largest fish for each fishing category. For example, let's say a veteran fishing on a boat lands 3 legal stripers, and the weights of these three fish are 6.0, 5.0, and 4.0 lbs. They can only weigh in the heaviest striper for consideration of a trophy in the striper category. They can of course keep the other two legal fish for their own consumption.

A single angler may win a prize in more than one species category. For example, let's say that a veteran fishing for cod on a boat catches a 12 lb bluefish on their way back in. They can weigh in their heaviest cod for a prize in the cod category, and the 12 lb bluefish in the bluefish category.

All captains are responsible for any fish weighed in. Please do not leave any fish on the dock for the marina to deal with after they are weighed.


A weigh master for the tournament will be available in the tournament area from 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon. ALL FISH MUST BE WEIGHED IN DURING THE DESIGNATED WEIGH IN TIMES - THERE CAN BE NO EXCEPTIONS!!


All teams can monitor VHF channel 69 throughout the day, for updates and information, or for communicating with other teams that are fishing the event.

Good luck and be safe!

Veterans Appreciation Fishing Tournament Waiver

There is no weather or safety committee, and the decision to fish is left solely to participants who do so at their own risk. Traveling out on the ocean in seas and conditions which are subject to constant change and engaging in a fishing tournament which requires movement and exposure to these conditions is an inherently dangerous activity that could result in severe injury and/or death. All participants knowingly and willingly accept these risks. Participants represent that they are in good health sufficient to withstand the rigorous nature of this activity and are knowledgeable about safe fishing practices and boating safety. Participants hold harmless Port Harbor Marine and individual boat owners in the result of injury and/or death.

Please Print this page, and sign.

Signed by __________________________________

Printed name _______________________________

Dated on _____________________________

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Mark A. Cater, HRCI Contractor

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